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Depot Museum


..Started in 1994 when a group of retired and semi-retired local folks formed the Rudyard Historic Society at the urging of Jan Delaney.  The group purchased the depot and some land was donated especially for a museum.

Soon after the depot was in place we began the on going process of collecting items.  As each item - whether it be written or physical - is either donated or loaned, an accession record for it is kept in the computer, a story of the item is typed and kept with the item and displayed in the museum or on the museum grounds.  These kinds of items include family histories, pictures, dishes, sewing machines, plows, tractors, clothes, etc.  These antiques have significance to the members of the communities.  All items were used by the homesteaders who arrived in the early 1900's.

Een School

A one-room school house with teacherage that was moved to the Depot grounds in 1997

Homestead Shack

Moved onto depot grounds in May 1997. It was owned by George Lowry & donated by Fred Elling.

Horse drawn wagons

These sit behind the depot.

Veteran's Memorial Wall

Has Veterans Name, Service, Rank and Years.

Homesteader's Memorial Wall

Original area homesteaders with years established, township, section, and range.

Horse drawn carriage

Restored carriage and saddles

Washing machine

How laundry was done in the past

Cook stove

Also has early days pots and pans

Military Display

WWI & WWII uniforms and souvenirs

Crock & ice box

Used by homesteaders